Accessorize a Fun and Flirty Look

When it comes to choosing accessories to pair with your ensemble, it is important to maintain a look that is balanced and effortless. The accessories should accent the outfit and complement the apparel rather than compete with it. These tips will take the mystery out of accessorizing for a fashionable and flirty look that reflects your fun and funky personality.

It All Begins with the Little Black Dress
Whether meeting a friend for lunch or cocktails, embarking on a weekend shopping spree or attending a theatrical production at the local playhouse, a fun and flirty look starts with a short, flared dress. This can be a strapless empire dress or a spaghetti-strapped sundress during the summer months, or it can be a long-sleeved sweater dress with a similar silhouette during the cooler months. The dress will serve as the backdrop for the accessories, so opt for a solid neutral hue of black or white.

Put Your Best Feet Forward
Select a modern variation on a classic shoe style. Strappy sandals with wedge heels are an ideal choice, particularly for a summer ensemble. Opt for sandals in black, white, a metallic hue or a bright fashion color. Pair a winter sweater dress with a pair of stylish black fashion boots with heels. A fun and flirty look should show a little skin, so avoid boots that rise above the knee in order to expose a little leg in between the boots and the short sweater dress. Whether wearing sandals or boots, always embrace higher heels for a flirty look.

Bold Statements in Jewelry
Now that the classic styles of apparel and footwear have been selected, it is time to have a little fun in the dressing room. The accessories that you choose should take the black dress ensemble from simple to exciting. Choose a chunky statement necklace that defines the neckline. This may be a chain with an oversized medallion pendant or a string of large geometric beads. A simple pair of hoop or dangling earrings to match the necklace’s metal will look attractive and add a touch of shine or sparkle, but avoid large earrings with ornate and complex designs. The necklace is already a bold statement, and compounding it with equally bold earrings so close to the neckline will look top heavy and overstated. A pair of metallic bangles always adds an air of fun and flirty with each jingle as your arm moves.

You Have This Outfit In the Bag
The handbag completes your look with a pop of color, a striking contrast or a metallic shine. If you have chosen white strappy sandals with the black dress, a white bag will contrast the black dress while tying together with the white shoes. If your sandals show off one of the fashion season’s hot colors, a handbag that echoes the same hue will infuse fun color to the black or white dress. If you have opted for metallic gold sandals and a gold beaded necklace, a gold handbag will balance the overall look. Choose an oversized shoulder handbag for toting all of your essentials from makeup, a hairbrush and wallet to mobile electronic devices, sunglasses and gloves.

Putting It All Together
For a complete summer look, combine a black sundress with metallic gold sandals, a gold statement necklace and a metallic gold handbag. For another option, pair the black dress with sandals in a bright and bold hue, such as red or teal, a handbag in the same bright color, a silver statement necklace and a pair of silver bangles. To achieve the fun and flirty look when winter temperatures plummet, try a flared sweater dress in light gray with black boots, a metallic silver handbag and a black beaded necklace. Alternately, consider a flouncy, black leather mini skirt with a fitted sweater in a jewel hue, a pair of black boots, a black handbag, a gold or silver statement necklace and a pair of matching metal bangles.

Bring out your outgoing and fun-loving nature that your friends and family know and love by dressing to define your identity. Your look will turn heads and beckon others to gravitate in your direction. Because the outfit mirrors your personality, the above tips will make your embellished ensemble look effortless and stylish as well as fun and flirty.