Best use of your denim shorts in just 4 minutes

Nowadays, people are interested to make modern dresses by the own with the use of cheap materials. One of the most frequently used costumes is jean shorts that can be made by the own. The jean shorts are widely used by people in the summer that makes them feel relaxed and comfortable. Most people spend some cost to buy jean shorts, but here are some tips to make these jean shorts in the most efficient way. You can make this wonderful costume by using old jeans with the help of some craft materials. When you make a jean short, first you should get all crafty and own stuffed jean shorts. Let you follow the given steps that mentioned below,


  • Take your jeans and select using a very old or a very cheap pair.
  • Now, put on your jeans and decide where you want them to minimize on your legs as shorts. You mark this spot with a chalk or a fabric pencil.
  • Then take off your jeans and flat them on your workspace. If you are going to make cuffed shorts, then measure about two inches below i.e. when you marked the exact endpoint.
  • Now, you start to cut your jean to be slightly longer in the inner inseam than the outer one. The main thing is to cut a bit of jean at a downward angle that helps to cut the top layer of the jeans.


  • Before cutting your jean, first you can see the line where you are cutting and then cut the back layer initially. This helps you to match it up perfectly.
  • Once you have done the cutting process of first leg, make sure that the angle of a leg looks like you want. You can also make sure that the top and back layer match up and then happy with your outcomes.
  • After cutting the leg of jeans, you just fold over the cut leg onto the intact leg. After that, either draw your cut line on the leg or just go down with your scissors, whatever makes you comfortable till the end.


  • Every time, you should compare both cut legs and make sure they match. Now you put the jeans on at this point that really help to ensure that the cuts are the same height on your body. You can also make any adjustments based on your needs.
  • Once you are comfortable with your cutting with a perfect length and cut, you just make your cuff. Sometimes, you can make your cuff longer on the outer leg and much shorter on the inner leg.
  • The cuff process is not necessary so you can either cuff or not cuff according to your wish. Once you decide not to cuff, you have done the entire process. But if you do cuff, you just follow a couple of steps left.
  • If you do cuff, use thread that matches the color of your inside jeans and sew it like a zigzag pattern around the cuff of your shorts.
  • Finally, you can make a jean short by spending a few of your minutes.