Caring for Your Jeans

Everybody has a favorite pair of jeans. They could be a pair of jeans you’ve had for several years that you hope you don’t outgrow because you never want to get rid of them. Or maybe they’re jeans from a beloved store that closed, and you know you can never replace them. Some people may even have different pairs of jeans set aside for different occasions – one pair for running errands, another pair to wear on a first date, and yet another pair that is appropriate for casual days at the office. Whatever the case is, you probably spend a decent amount of money on your jeans. And when you’re shelling out a lot of cash for them, you want to make sure you care for them properly. Fortunately, caring for your jeans doesn’t have to be difficult, and there are quick and easy things you can do to ensure they maintain their shape and last a long time.
Jeans are made out of cotton, a natural fiber that retracts or stretches based on temperature and wear. When washed in warm water or dried on high heat, the material shrinks, making jeans feel tighter. However, after wearing them for a little while, the material expands again, so the jeans will become looser the longer you wear them. So if your jeans feel big but you haven’t washed them in weeks, it’s probably not because you’ve shed a few pounds (although if you have been working towards a weight loss goal, that is a possibility). On the plus side, if your jeans are tight but it’s the first time you’re wearing them after taking them out of the dryer, you can rest assured that you haven’t gained ten pounds overnight.
Laundering your jeans every single time you wear them is not necessary. A high-quality, well-fitting pair of jeans should still conform to your body after four, five or even six or more wears. In addition, wearing your jeans several times in between washes helps make them unique because they will naturally develop features such as whiskering or fading. You can’t go forever without washing your jeans, however; eventually you’ll reach a point where they are either too dirty or too stretched out to continue wearing them. When you do get to this point, simply wash them in cold water with a gentle laundry detergent and either line dry or throw them in the dryer on low. How you wash and dry them is pretty much up to you. But if you are ever unsure of what to do, follow the instructions on the care label. The label will tell you which temperature of water to wash your jeans in and whether you can tumble-dry or line-dry them.
As mentioned above, denim shrinks when exposed to warm temperatures. If your jeans are too tight for you to wear comfortably again after you wash them, you can spray the waistband with a little bit of water and stretch it out. This should help you get back into them more comfortably. The denim will also reshape itself to your body once you wear the jeans again for an hour or two, so after you move around for a little bit they should start to fit like normal.
For jeans that have embellishments such as sequins or embroidery, you will need to be a little more careful. Taking embellished jeans to a dry cleaner is a good option. Sure, it will cost a few bucks, but what’s a couple of dollars when you’re trying to maintain your favorite pair of jeans? By having embellished jeans dry-cleaned, you won’t have to worry about embroidery coming undone or sequins or other decorations falling off in the washing machine.
The next time you splurge on an expensive pair of jeans, you don’t have to wonder how long they will last before you can no longer wear them. By following the easy maintenance tips discussed in this article, you can be confident that your jeans will remain in good shape and that you’ll be able to wear them again and again.