Decorate your Christmas tree by creating own ornaments

The festivals make the people to enjoy lot of things and that time they will spend money on everything without any hesitation. Every year people eagerly wait to celebrate the Christmas and that will help them to share their love or affection with their friends and family members. They will present gifts and welcome the guests for Christmas evening and lot of things will happen on that last week. However, people who can’t afford money for the luxuries things also somewhat manage their financial tights on that week. It is possible to reduce the expenditure on some products if they create it instead of purchasing it from the shops. The charismas stars, ribbons, ornaments are bit costly these days. So, here the user can learn to create own unique ornaments. They can easily prepare them using few accessories and can it will eliminate the need of investment on buying it.


Required things to create ornaments:

The Christmas tree in our home is very famous and all of us like to decorate it using beautiful ornaments. The ornaments, toys and the stars will make the Christmas tree look better. Creating the ornaments is not so tough because it can be made using few materials. All, the users need to do is following the upcoming instructions.  A Christmas tree without ornaments will never look great. So, at first the readers are advised to purchase these products to prepare it. By using these materials, the users can quickly create them and these products can be purchased from the retail outlets.


  • Glass ornaments
  • Paints
  • Toppings
  • Ribbon
  • Small lights (optional)

Steps to create unique ornaments:

  • At first, purchase all the things, which are listed in the above passage and make sure that they are good and undamaged.
  • Now take the paint that you want to color the ornaments. Before this process pour the painting solution inside the glass ornaments in order to disperse the paint.
  • Now drop the paint on the empty ornaments and it should be coated in good manner by shaking the ornaments.
  • The glass ornaments are available in different types such as double paint, single dark coating paint and single paint ornaments.
  • In double paint ornaments, you can drop one or two colors which give a unique look.
  • After completing the painting process keep the glass ornaments closed. It will disperse the paint and it will become dry within one day.
  • Now add the toppings to the glass ornaments and close them properly.
  • It will have the rings to tie the ribbon. So, tie the ribbon on appropriate places. The users can place small LED lights under the ornaments if they desire to do. However, it is optional because it doesn’t have any usage in the dawn.
  • Finally, tie the ribbon on the Christmas tree on proper places.


By following these steps, the users can quickly design their unique ornaments without purchasing them. They can add more paintings on ornaments if they wish.