Grilling Hot Dogs

With the warm summer months here, many people opt for easy and tasty cooking on the grill! One favorite among many is the always-delicious, hot dog. Not sure if hot dogs are what you want on your dinner menu? Read more about hot dogs and these top ways to grill hot dogs, and your mind will be changed!

What’s So Special about a Hot Dog?
The yummy finger food, hot dogs, originated from German-Americans bringing a form of sausage to America. The original hot dogs were based off of the German sausage meal known as a “frankfurter”. Hot dogs were easy to eat, delicious, and cost efficient to make. Across New York City, hot dog stands started popping up to meet the needs of those that loved the “dog”.

Hot dogs were then introduced at popular entertainment events and places, because they were so easy to make and eat! Some places that hot dogs were sold at was the amusement park Coney Island and the World Fair in St. Louis. They were also introduced to baseball concessions in St. Louis at the St. Louis Browns.

Besides being easy to eat another reason why hot dogs are so popular is the simple fact that you can eat them however you want! Whether you love mustard, ketchup, bun, no-bun, relish, hot sauce, bacon, the choices to decorate your hot dog are endless. Do you not love pork? No worries, there are even a variety of hot dog choices from beef, pork, to even chicken, or turkey. There is something for everyone if you decide to cook hot dogs at your next backyard barbecue!

How to Grill the Perfect Hot Dog
Grilling the perfect hot dog is easy. First, heat your grill to Medium temperature. Next place the hot dogs on the grill, and rotate the hot dogs until they are thoroughly cooked. Two signs of an awesome dog include: grill marks and a “pop” or “snap” when you bite into your cooked hot dog. A good grilled hot dog should make a bit of a noise when you bite into it, but then have a soft juicy consistency in the middle. Grill all of the hot dogs until they have both of these features and then serve on hot dog buns. Don’t forget to have all your guests favorite items to top their “dogs” like spicy mustard, ketchup, relish, cheese, and more!

Tips for Grilling Hot Dogs
– Hot dogs can burn easily so be sure to constantly rotate them on the grill.
– Using low heat on a grill, will have the hot dog cook too slow. Using high heat on a grill, will burn the hot dog. Medium is the best heat to grill a hot dog.
– Not using a gas grill? Put your charcoals on the sides to create “medium” heat for your charcoal grill.
– If you hear the hot dog letting off steam then they are done grilling.
– Once you see the hot dog expand, it is another sign they are finished being grilled.

It’s summer, break out the grill and enjoy a tasty hot dog. Not only are they easy to make, but they have a rich history in America. Not to mention, they are delicious!