How Should I Introduce Myself to the Judges

Introducing Yourself at a Voice Competition Requires Calm, Collected Method
Lots of people have a dream of becoming a famous singer and are flocking to enter voice competitions like the Voice or American Idol. However, if you plan on entering such as contest, it pays to know how to introduce yourself to the judges. This is actually part of the competition in many cases and getting it right can be the difference between going on in the contest and not getting to go any further.

Stay Calm and Be Yourself in Front of Judges

Once it is time for you to be introduced prior to getting to sing, you should stand up straight in front of the judges, have good posture and try to look as confident and calm as possible. This shows that you are ready to go and are sure of yourself and it sets a good example in front of the judges that you have prepared well for the contest. Be sure that your voice is firm and doesn’t waver as you introduce yourself. To get to that point, it’s best to do some prior practice in front of friends or relatives until you can do it without stuttering or otherwise sounding scared or silly. Be sure to state your name clearly and be sure they can understand you. Smile as you are speaking to the judges, maintain good eye contact, and try to be yourself while showing that you are ready to go and are happy to be there to present your talent to the judges.

Fake it Until You Make It

Even if you are scared, or are not feeling confident, don’t let this be obvious to everyone else, just take a deep breath, smile at the judges and prepare to knock it out of the park when you get to sing your song. Remember, you have the talent and you want the whole world to know it! That means doing your best in front of the judges and the audience. Then, be sure to tell the judges the name of the song you are going to sing and then wait for their signal to start. Don’t rush things, as this will make it seem as if you are nervous and want to get it all over with. Just try to relax and if it helps, you can pretend you are alone in your room at home and are just singing to yourself. Or, just think good thoughts and do your best so that you can impress the judges and move on to the next step of the competition.

Singing Your Song

When you finally get to present and sing your sing, be sure to be loud enough, but not too loud. You want all of your words to be clear and strong. Be sure to pay attention to the rhythm of the song and follow the accompanying music. Be sure that the song you have chosen is one that you are familiar with and can sing well. It does you no good to make it to a competition and then forget the words or otherwise mess up your song selection. After you have finished your song, be sure to smile and stand there confidently as you await the decision of the judges. Try not to feel your emotions as this could influence the judges if they think you are worried about your performance. Even if you don’t think you did very well, don’t let this show to the judges and whatever they tell you, whether good or bad, be gracious and thank them even if you don’t make it.