How to Attract Birds

Birdwatching is a great hobby that is pretty easy for any of us to get into. It is a great activity to share with your children or grandchildren as well. Birdwatching can be very fun, and it can also be a great thing to do even in your own backyard! When trying to learn how to attract birds, this can be a hobby in and of itself. It can be a great activity to finally learn how to bring all different kinds of birds into your backyard. Here in this article we will share with you the basics of attracting birds.

First things first, you need to look at what you are working with. If you are living in a more urban environment, you are going to need to use that to your advantage. If you are however living a more rural setting, you will have a slightly easier time attracting birds into your back yard. So first things first, asses where you are living, and ask yourself if you can have more natural features to attract birds, like ponds or trees, or if you need to use more man made features such as bird baths and bird feeders.

Lets talk about water and why it is so important to attracting birds. The great thing about attracting birds by using water is that you can have water features in both urban and rural settings. It is very easy to go to most hardware stores and get a hold of a bird bath. Most birds are going to get very hot in the summer, and they want to cool off. A bird bath, water fall, wading pool, or pond, can all be great ways to attract birds by giving them a great place to cool off.

When you are attracting birds, you need to make sure that you are giving them the proper incentive. Bird feeders and bird houses are great additions to your back yard. If you are looking to attract birds for living purposes, you will want to bring a birdhouse into your backyard. This birdhouse is going to give you the ability to give birds a home. As well as a birdhouse, a bird feeder near the house can be a great incentive for wild birds to make a home in your back yard. It is great to see the fruits of your labors after you have set up both a bird feeder and a birdhouse. Smaller birds, such as finches, are usually more inclined to using a birdhouse in your back yard.

If you are looking to attract humming birds in your backyard, this is a different process. You will need to purchase a hummingbird feeder for your back yard. These are also easily found in most home garden or hardware stores. These hummingbird feeders are usually very easy to set up, as you simply need to add sugar and water together in the feeder. There are some special hummingbird feed mixes that you might want to buy as well.

When you are looking to attract bigger birds, you can easily just put out cat food in your back yard. You will attract big birds like Blue Jays, Mocking Birds, Crows, and more. Be careful with this method however, because you can also attract animals such as raccoons into your yard. Also, if you have any pets that live in your back yard, you will need to make sure that their food supply is separate and secured from the larger birds cat food supply. This will insure the safety of your animal, and ensure that no fights will break out in your backyard.