How to Cook Calamari

Calamari is a type of an edible squid that is a delicacy all around the world. There are four different ways to cook Calamari. It can be fried, grilled, as well as cooking what is called steak. But this recipe will explain how to saute the calamari. Make sure to clean the squid thoroughly. Fresh squid is the best type to use when sauteing calamari, because it allows the meat to be more chewable and have a less rubbery texture.

To prepare to use this recipe, have a cutting board for slicing the squid, one salad bowl, tongs, one meat cutting knife, oil, salt, 1 lemon, one shallow pan, green beans, basil, pesto sauce, and the cleaned calamari available to use. Before starting the recipe, rinse and boil the potatoes and green beans in warm water. This meal of calamari is served on top of pesto salad, and should only take about 5 minutes to make. It works great for a quick lunch, picnic, or dinner.

The following directions will explain how to cook calamari over a pesto salad. The calamari is sauteed using a skillet. To do this, cut the calamari in half. Heat a small amount of oil into the skillet. Only about one Tsp. should work well. The point of using a small amount of cooking oil is to allow the heat from the skillet to do most of the work, and the oil added to prevent the squid meat from sticking to the pan or burning. Lightly move the pan around in a circular motion to make the oil spread out evenly.

When the skillet reaches a smoking point, add the calamari into the skillet. To do this properly, slowly place the meat it the skillet, so the hot oil will only splash away from you. Allow the meat to saute for about one minute. While the calamari is cooking, begin preparing the pesto salad. Make sure the slice potatoes and green beans are warm, so the meal can be served warm. If the vegetables were prepared ahead of time, warm them up in the microwave. Add the basil, and the vegetables should be served warm. This allows the aromas from the basil are released and create a tasty smell. Mix green beans, warm potatoes, and green basil walnut pesto in with furze. Then season the pesto salad with a lot of salt, and the furze takes away a lot of the bitterness. Toss the salad in the salad bowl to mix all of the greens added together. Place the necessary amount on a plate. Pour a small amount of the pesto sauce over the salad as a dressing.

Add salt as the calamari begins to cook. The calamari will absorb most of the salt while it cooks. Make sure to flip when the bottom is cooked, and push down on the tentacles to make sure they get the crunchy texture. The inside of the calamari head is the densest part of the meat. Therefore, it needs to get a lot of heat to cook fully. It is now time to finish the meal of calamari, served with pesto salad. Using the tongs, slowly move the pieces of calamari from the skillet to the top of the salad. The cooked squid should be somewhat juicy. To avoid making a big mess hold it up over the pan for one moment and allow it to drain. Next, place the calamari on top of the pesto salad. When the meat has covered the top of the salad, add more pesto sauce over the cooked calamari. The meal is now ready to be served, and only took a few minutes to make.