How to distress your denim at home?

Denim jeans are the wonderful addition to every girl’s wardrobe. Jeans are the comfortable outfit for any kind of weather conditions. If you purchase a new denim jean in the market, it will be remain stiff and thick fabrics. Most of the people feel hard to wear it. Some manufacturers distress the denim jeans to attain soft and fade as it is the right state to have on in a comfortable manner. In the fashion trends, most of the girls love to wear distressed jeans in high range. The denim jeans are widespread in all over the world. Even corporate offices accept this dress code as it offers good and formal appearance. You want to take special care and attention on the dye of denim jeans. Make use of washing machine to wash inside and outside region of the jeans. You want to keep the jeans reach out of the sun as it fades the dye in high range.


You can learn how to distress your denim jeans at your home with the help of online. In the recent days, distressing the jeans is turn out to be a recent trend. You need some things like jeans, cardboard or card stock for completing the distress task. You can also make use of blade and pen. You can distress the jeans in any parts as per your personal desires and wishes. With the help of online video tutorial, you can easily complete the process in a short time. In this process, your washing machine is truly the best friend as it helps you to complete the distress task in a short time.


  • First, you want to try the knee portions in your jeans.
  • You have to insert the card stocks inside the jeans on the knee section
  • Using the blade, you have to spot slits at the knee. You have to use the blade carefully as it may tear other sections.
  • Then insert cardboards on the pockets and distress it
  • After that, make use of sandpaper or dermal for creating a worn-in appearance. Then you need to wash and dry your jeans.


People who are worrying about distress work can make use of online tutorial at any instance. With the help of simple tricks, it is possible to distress your jeans in a short time. You will be needed little things and it will not take more time. Internet eases your efforts and time in high range. You can try the simple techniques on your jeans within the comfort of your home. It is assured that you can obtain faded and distressed jeans in a short span of time. Distressing the pair of jeans will not be a hard task as it simplifies within effort free steps. You can try with your different jeans within the console of your residence at any time. You can have a style and modish outlook in a short time. Further, you can enhance your appearance while wearing the distressed jeans in your corporate environment.