How to Draw a Cartoon Giraffe

Lots of people are interested in learning how to draw different types of cartoon animals. The giraffe is one of those most popular cartoon animals because it has such an interesting shape. The following instructions give a detailed description of the technique to drawing a cartoon giraffe.

Discovering the Best Frame Work

The first thing that has to be considered is the giraffe framework. It is important to decide just how tall the giraffe will be. This plays a large part in determining the neck line. It is always easy to start with the neck because this is simply a curved line. It may be the easiest feature, but it is also considered one of the most important parts of the drawing.

Connecting a Head to the Neck

Once the curved line is developed on both sides it may be feasible to start working on the head of the cartoon giraffe. It is important – at this point – to decide if the giraffe will be drawn with the head to the side. In this case it may be easy to start with a curved line that runs up from the neck to form the ears. If the giraffe is facing forward, however, if may be easier to start with the snout. With the snout one should draw a line that extends outward from the curved vertical neck line.

When the line is draw out for the snout the artist should wrap the line around like the letter “C” for the mouth. It should reach the neck line at this point.

Connecting the Eyes

It should be rather easy to draw the eyes once the nose of the giraffe is put into place. The eyes for a giraffe are big. The round circles will be need to be placed close to the snout. After this it may be easier to add the antlers for the top of the head of the cartoon giraffe. It is important to leave some adequate space because the eyes and the antlers, but it should not be too much. The giraffes have small heads. This should be kept in mind because the spacing makes a big difference.

Adding Ears

Another simple task to add to the head of the giraffe is the ears. The ears would be next to the antlers with very little space between these two features. The ears are more horizontal than vertical. This is what distinguishes the ears from the antlers that are vertical. When the antlers are put into place it makes it easier to add the ears.

Connecting the Lower Half

The neck is the most prominent, but good giraffe art will also have a small frame that makes this animal distinct. The stomach area is actually small and circular. The key is to make sure that this shape is more of an oval shape. Once this is done it is time to add the legs. This can be a little tricky because the legs are not straight. The legs are sort of bent at an angle. Some people draw the legs of the giraffe with a small bend in the legs. Other people draw straight legs. This is just a matter of preference.

Adding Details to the Cartoon Giraffe

When all of this is done is a easier to add details to the cartoon giraffe. The pattern is all a matter of preference. Some people may choose to use triangles to make the details in the body of the giraffe. There other people that draw that may use circular patterns to add the finishing touches to the giraffe.