How to Draw a Cartoon Lion

Some people consider the art of drawing as an opportunity to relieve stress, others will tell you that it is a great way to earn a living. When it comes to drawing it may not me the easiest task for everyone to master. There are schools that teach you the basics and the various steps you need to take, but like everything else, this is something that you must want to do. The easiest way to get started is to begin with something simple and then move up the ladder. Here are a few steps toward drawing a cartoon lion.

Getting started

If you had any doubt about which animal to start your drawing challenge with, the lion would definitely be the way to go. You will need a drawing pad and pencils before you can get started, and those supplies can usually be purchased at some department stores, and all art supply locations. With a huge mane, you would begin by drawing a large circle. As you begin your circle keep in mind that you are attempting to bring a drawing to life, right here on a canvas. Do not press too hard on your pencil and remember that you are the creator.

More than a silhouette

After completing the circle, move on to the nose and eyes. With a smooth motion to allow your pencil to draw the nose, leaving a reference point to come back to. It is not a bad idea to commit to memory a picture of a lion. When you do that you will remember some of the features, such as the fact that the face is kind of square, but relatively thin. Add the ears just to the top and to the sides of the eyes. The lion is a large animal so as you draw the front paws remember to draw them in proportion to the rest of the beast.

Taking shape

By this time, your lion should be looking like the king of the jungle. Follow the contours of the back so that the lion sits up tall and proud. Draw a snakelike tail that comes with a tuft at the end and curls around to the front. Finish off the eyes, square off the nose, brush up on the ears and the tail and your lion should look as though it is ready to roar. This is just the outline, the next step will be to put an ink line on it.

Step four

Using a brush pen with waterproof ink, highlight the outlines that you already made with the pencil. Follow all the major lines like the tufts of hair, the lions large eyes complete with the black of the eye for accentuation. Let your brush pen follow the main lines of the lion’s snout and the nose. The idea is not to draw the lion over with the brush pen, just to accentuate it. Don’t forget to include the feet, the paws, the fur from the mane and of course, the tail.

The finishing touches

So far, the lion is just black on white canvas, but if you want the lion to look like the real thing, start adding some color. Fill in the majority of the cat with yellow, almost as you would do with a coloring book. Switch the yellow with a brown color and accentuate areas like the mane and the tuft of the tail. Using a pencil stump move it over the colors that you just applied, and it will provide you with a blended effect. And there you have it, just the basics to give you some idea about what you will be dealing with. If you enjoy drawing cartoons, it is a good idea to sign up for a school to help you master it.