How to Draw a Cartoon Monkey

Drawing seems to come a lot easier to some than others, but with a little patience and practice, you’ll be drawing cartoon characters like a pro. The following instructions will help you learn how to draw a cartoon monkey in just a few simple steps. You’ll need some paper and a pencil (preferably one with an eraser), colored pencils optional.

To draw an oval-faced monkey, start by drawing an ellipse in the center of your paper; Draw three circles on top of it. You’ll want the two outer circles to be the same size while the middle one is a bit larger than the other two. You’ll then want to draw the monkey’s eyes and nose; You can do this by sketching an upside number 3 to make his eyes, drawing two little circles within the 3 to make the eyes; Then draw another 3, smaller than the first one, and add two little circles within it to make the nose. Once the eyes and nose have been drawn, you should erase visible lines that crossed from your circles and the ellipse.

To make the monkey’s mouth, you’ll want to draw a half-circle with a smaller circle inside it. To make the monkey’s ears, you’ll want to draw two almost circles, like a C shape, within the circles of his ears.

To draw a round-faced monkey, start by drawing two circles above an oval; You’ll want the two circles to be smaller than the oval, as they will eventually become the monkey’s ears. Afterwards, erase any unnecessary lines to clean up the monkey’s face. You should then draw a larger circular shape around the entirety of the shape that you just drew, as you do this, you should start to see the monkey’s face. Now for the ears; To make them, draw two small circles on each side of the monkey’s face, make sure both are attached. 4

To make the monkey’s nose, draw a small oval shape right in the middle of the monkey’s face. You should then draw two somewhat-thick vertical lines right above the monkey’s nose to make his eyes; The result will be what resembles an 11. To draw the monkey’s mouth, you can experiment with various kinds to give your monkey different expressions; Drawing a short upward curve will make a good smile, while you could also draw a broad line with creases at each end or a small circle to represent the mouth of your monkey. You can also draw the mouth as low or as high as you wish, each one will give your monkey a different overall effect.

If you want to draw a body for your monkey, you can do so by drawing a circle that’s connected to the monkey’s head and then another circle within that one to make the monkey’s belly. You’ll want to draw small ovals (or longer ones) to make the monkey’s legs and arms. You can then add a thin line with a curl at the end for the tail. You can make your monkey’s body as big or as small as you’d like.

If you want, once you’ve finished sketching, you can outline your drawing with colored pencils, a black pen, or a marker. As you get better, you can experiment drawing different facial expressions on the monkey; From sticking his tongue out, to smiling, to frowning, etc. You can draw a monkey that’s grinning from ear to ear if you wanted to. When you’ve fully completed your monkey drawing, you can fill it in with color. You could add more details, such as trees in the background, if you want.