How to Get in and out of a Canoe

Canoes are a kind of watercraft that is generally unstable as soon as a person moves part of their body out of the canoe. This makes it so the process of entering and exiting a canoe more difficult than with other kinds of watercraft. This is why it is important to know how to both enter and exit a canoe. This involve knowing how to first get out of a canoe, how to get into one, and pull a canoe onto shore.

How to get out of a canoe

The first thing you need to know is how to get out of a canoe. You should reach towards the bank you are trying to disembark at with your paddle. You can then put the paddle onto the ground in order to pull yourself in close to the bank. You should try to have the canoe so it is about six inches away from the edge of the bank. It may not be a good idea to ground your canoe on the ground with all of your weight in it. If you happen to hit the ground you should simply not pull yourself any closer towards the bank. Generally, the movement of the stream and waves will help to hold your canoe close to the bank.

You should then plant your paddle on the shore, and step out the canoe. With your foot on the bank, you can no begin to stand up. As you stand, you can move your weight onto the bank, and take your remaining foot out of the canoe. You should do this in a fluid movement while keeping your weight as low as possible.

How to get into a canoe

The process of getting into a canoe is pretty much like getting out of a canoe in reverse. You should put your foot over the edge of the canoe in order to hold it near the land. You should then shift that foot until it is the bottom of the canoe. You should have your paddle planted on the land in order to give yourself some stability while getting into the canoe. You can then put you second foot into the bottom of the canoe, and then pull your paddle in once you are secure. It is important to sit down as quickly as possible while doing this. If the canoe start to rock it is important to not try to fail around, or jump to one side of the canoe. You can then use your paddle to set off on your canoeing adventure.

How to drag a canoe onto the shore

The process of dragging canoes onto shore is fairly easy. If the canoe is not laden with a lot of supplies, then there is very little chance that the bottom of it will be damaged. This means that you can simply hold the canoe up, and then pull it up onto the land. If you are worried about damaging the bottom of the canoe you should try to take it ashore on a piece of land that is soft. For example, it may be better to drag the canoe onto ground that is sandy rather than ground that is rocky.

If you can’t drag your canoe onto land, you can simply secure your canoe so it’s safe while still in the water. You should do this by putting a rope on both the front and back of the canoe. You should then secure the canoe so it is attached to something that is on land while it is solid.