How to Prepare and Grill Steaks

Let the barbeques begin! During the hot summer months, nothing brings family and friends together like a barbeque. A highly requested food item other than hot dogs and burgers are steaks. Making the perfect steak can be intimidating for a new cook but with these tips you’ll be cooking like a pro! Making just the right amount of juiciness with flavor is all it takes to make a steak that everyone will love. This summer you will make a great grilled steak by following some simple steps given today.

Steaks are the big boy meat but don’t let that stop you from grilling them on the grill. There are different cuts for steaks, there’s 4oz, T-bone, Ribeye, strip and so on. Whichever cut you prefer to buy is great as long as it is the thickest one there because that’s where the flavor is. Also if possible, get the steaks with a lot of marbling, which is just fat that will enhance the flavor even more. Set the grill on low and let it get hot. The temperature should be at about 1000° so that the steak will sizzle when cooking on the grill.

For starters, depending on the personal preference of the cook, they can trim down the sides of the steak or leave it be. Next, with your gloved hands, glaze the steaks with a little bit of sesame oil. Remove the glove and sprinkle on a generous amount of fresh cracked pepper and some salt. Flip the steaks over and do the same process to the back of the steaks. You could also put onions on the steaks if preferred. Then place them on the grill and hear the sizzle.

Now for medium rare, the internal temperature needs to be about 145° and for well the internal temperature needs to be 165°. A way to tell if the steaks are medium rare/well done is by using the thumb method. All you have to do is take your index finger and place it down on the thumb tab, you’ll feel how tender it is and that’s how medium rare feels. If you take the middle finger and feel the same area, it tightens up, that is a medium. Taking the ring finger and feeling the thumb tab shows what a medium well would feel like on the steak. Now press onto the steaks and see if it has the right level of tenderness for your liking.

Finally it’s time to take them off the grill. Check the internal temperature again to make sure they are cooked thoroughly. Once you slice into these steaks it should be easy to tell if you succeeded in making them medium rare, medium or medium well. If everything is done to your liking, it’s time to serve them to your guest. Steaks are best when served with potatoes, any vegetables that are in season and even a salad would be a good pairing for steaks.