Make Garden Mosquitoes Disappear

One of the top worst things about the warm weather months is mosquitoes. They ruin many fun outdoor activities with their buzzing and biting. Their bite is itchy and can make you gravely ill. Mosquitoes carry West Nile disease, which can make a person very sick. There are ways to control these pests on your property.

Top Mosquito Control Methods

Here are some top ways to control mosquitoes on your property:

Eliminate Breeding Grounds

Always start with what you can prevent. Eliminating places where mosquitoes breed is the first line of defense against these annoying pests. Their favorite place to breed is in standing water. Start by doing a walk about on your property and make sure there are no places for water to collect. Check old tires, abandoned flowerpots, swimming pools, ponds, birdbaths and even gutters for standing water. Empty any water and turn things over to prevent water from gathering. Fixing screen in doors and windows will keep them from entering your home.

Using Chemical or Non-chemical Repellent

There are many repellents at the corner drug store. The main ingredient in most mosquito repellents is DEET. A repellent with twenty percent DEET is sufficient to repel annoying mosquitoes. Other repellents work just as well. Most repellents are sprayed on the clothing or exposed skin. Other popular ones are Avon’s Skin so Soft and candles or torch fluid that use citronella to repel mosquitoes.

Mosquito Cakes

Another way to control mosquitoes on your property is by using mosquito cakes, dunks, disks or bricks. These little nuggets are filled with a larvicide that will kill the mosquito larvae. It keeps them from maturing into adult mosquitoes. Be very careful with this type of mosquito control. It is meant for standing water that cannot be dried up but, not for large ponds or lakes.

Mosquito Trap

The mosquito trap or magnet runs on propane and uses Lurex or Octenol. It attracts mosquitoes like a magnet as it mimics the scent of a human. This is a great mosquito repellent for those who love the outdoors to be bug free.

Mosquito Net

These nets come in many forms and sizes. Some look like big open tents, others drape over a gazebo or other structure. Mosquito netting is used in many countries to keep these unwanted pests out of living or sleeping areas.

The Bug Zapper

Not only does the Bug Zapper kill mosquitoes and other pesky bugs, it provides entertainment for guests. Some people think seeing bugs get fried in a Bug Zapper is quite entertaining. Hearing the insects get electrocuted and lighting up can be mesmerizing. The Bug Zapper works best with moths or other bugs that are attracted to light. It does get some mosquitoes, but they are not typically attracted to light.


Mosquito foggers are a good way to keep mosquitoes at bay while entertaining for an evening. They are not a solution for staying safe from bites on a daily basis. To use a fogger, pesticide is sprayed around the parameter of the entertainment spot. The poison will kill adult bugs, but not their larvae. It does work fast and will last for a few hours, as long as it is not a breezy day. In fact, mosquito foggers are not effective if winds are higher than 3mph.

Mosquito Pesticide Spray

There are pesticide sprays that will kill mosquitoes when they come in contact with it, but they use poison that may harm other plants, people or animals. It is vital to read all directions and precautions to be sure you will not expose family or pets to dangerous pesticides.

Natural Prevention

It has been proven that mosquitoes do not like garlic or yeast. Humans can take garlic pills and brewer’s yeast works great for pets. These are not toxic and will not harm the environment; they may however repel other people as both yeast and garlic do not give off a pleasant scent.
Other natural means for eliminating or deterring mosquitoes are by planting certain plants in flowerbeds such as Citronella too keep them away. Many harmless insects like dragonflies eat mosquitoes. Frogs and bats are also a natural predator of the mosquito. Some people may not like bats or frogs.