Making a Traditional Piñata

Piñatas are fun for special occasions and today I’m going to show you how to make a traditional version to have your guests cheering at your next celebration. During this demonstration I will go through all of the steps to making your very own piñata. To make this piñata you will need some supplies. You will need a 2:1 ratio of flour to water for the piñata paste, balloons, water bottles, masking tape, newspaper, saran wrap, crepe paper, tissue paper, a hole punch, mod podge, and filament, ribbon, or yarn. This project is messy so make sure you cover your table tops or work space in newspaper make clean up quick and easy.


image2So let’s get this plan in motion. This recipe calls for a 2:1 ratio of flour to water. Measure out one cup of flour and add it into a bowl. Next add in two cups of water, mix until smooth and the paste is finished. There are other recipes like the cooked method but we will just stick to this one for our paste today. I’m using this one because it’s not very strong and you want your piñata to be breakable. Using this paste will guarantee that it will fall apart eventually so it’s not too difficult for the little ones to get to the treats we will add to it later.


image3Now we get to make the mold for the piñata. Blow up a balloon and set the base into a cup then tape around to secure it to the cup. This will allow you to keep your balloon sturdy while you add on paper mache strips. Cut strips of newspaper and dip separately into the paste. Gently wipe off any excess paste over the bowl with your fingers. Place each strip individually onto your balloon.. Start by making an X at the top of the balloon. Build the layers all the way down to the base. Let it dry between each layer by setting it in the sunshine. This will take about an hour but the weather may change the drying time a bit. It will turn very white once fully dry. Make three layers in total. You can start building the points while you’re waiting for each layer on the main part to dry. Get a bottle and cover with saran wrap so the mache doesn’t stick to it. Now we can start adding on layers and repeat this step to 4 bottles in total. Do three layers on each bottle and let dry between each layer.

image4Once you’ve finished all the paper mache pieces you get to assemble the star.  Remove the points from the bottle and use masking tape to add them onto the balloon piece to make a star shape. Once you’ve got all the points on you’ll need to do two more layers of paper mache to cover up the masking tape and make it secure. Take out your tissue paper. Gently lay it on top of the paste then place it onto the piñata. Cover the entire piñata except the hole where you’ll be adding the treats. Once this is dried, you can attach the streamers to each point using a little bit of mod podge glue. I’ve cut the streamers into thirds for my piñata. Use the hole punch to make holes around the opening for the string to hang your piñata with. Now you’ll need to pop the balloon so we can add in the treats. For each handful of treats add a handful of confetti or streamers for effect when it’s broken open. Hang your piñata in the place of your choice and you’re ready for the party.