Serious health problems caused by mosquitoes

Mosquito is a tiny insect that caries harmful viruses and bacteria and spreads on to many people through bites. Mosquitoes are the major cause of health problems such as dengue fever and malaria. Diseases spread by mosquitoes are also called as mosquito borne diseases. These diseases can make people suffer from fever and other health problems. In severe cases, mosquito borne diseases can cause death. Each year these diseases infect 300 million people all around the world. About 1 million people are killed by diseases spread through mosquito bites every year. This makes mosquito the most deadly insect in the world. Mosquitoes suck the blood of a diseased person and injects into another healthy person. Thus, it spreads the deadly viruses from one person to another.


According to world health organization, a child dies of malaria for every 40 second. Apart from transferring the malaria between people mosquitoes also bite animals such as horses and dogs. Thus, mosquitoes become the medium for spreading malaria among these animals.


Diseases spread by mosquitoes

Some other diseases spread by mosquitoes are as follows.

  • Dengue
  • Chikungunya
  • Yellow Fever
  • Louis Equine Encephalitis
  • Other Encephalitis types


Since many people travel to different countries the world become very small. Increase in the global travel increases the threat of mosquito borne diseases. The centers for disease control and prevention or CDC have reported that 1,500 to 2,000 people were affected by malaria in the United States every year. Now, the mosquito borne diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya and encephalitis have become serious concerns across the United States of America. The mosquito control association of America have founded in 1935 have searched about 3000 species of mosquitoes all around the world. It has also found that 176 species of mosquitoes are in the USA. People who like to wander in the backyard or spend time with families outdoor have to make sure they are free from mosquito bites. They can hire a pest control service provider in their area to get rid of insect bites especially bites of deadly mosquitoes.


There are several companies offering pest control services to buildings, homeowners, industries and workplaces. People can search online and obtain information on some good companies that have good reputation in the society. People should avoid choosing a pest control service provider without knowing his experience in this industry. They should not go for companies offering the least price quote for the service. The company may lure the customers by giving false claims. Once a person hires the services of such company, he or she will end up paying huge money. It is very important to check the registration and license of the company. The company should be registered with health department of the state or local government. People can also ask friends, neighbors and family members to suggest a good pest control service provider. Considering the references of public is better than considering the online reviews of a company because the company might pay for the good reviews.