Starting in Model Railroading

Today I’m going to help you get started in model railroading and to select the proper train set. One thing that makes model railroading great is that you start as small or go as big as you want and it can be a hobby for a lifetime. Let’s talk about why model railroading is such a fun hobby. There are tons of different model railroads and different sets which will help you get started in building your own set as you hobby. The trains I’ll talk about are available and a wide range of sources including hobby shops, the internet, and a variety of other stores.

image1Model railroading is a fun family hobby. It has many unique aspects and teaches you a very wide variety of skills such as carpentry, rack lying, and electronics. You get to practice art while creating scenic views and vistas. It’s really a wonderful thing to share with the entire family. It can last through the generations of your family as well and you and your parents and grandparents can all share the hobby of model railroading. In today’s world a lot of things are based around the internet but model railroading is very tactile and hands on. Each model is your creation.

image2When discussing the various model railroad scales and sizes of model railroading you’ll hear to terms you’re going to hear being used somewhat interchangeably. They are scale and gauge. The scale is the size of the model train. Whether is one 10th the size of a train or 100th the size and gauge is the distance between the rails on the model train track. The largest scale is G scale which is about 1:22th the size of an actual train. These are often used outdoors and in gardens. The next size is 0 scale. This is 1:50th the size of an actual train and has been one of the most popular sizes for a long time. Today the most popular scale sizing is HO which is about 1:87th the size of an actual train. A locomotive in this scale is about 6 inches long. The last scale which is the smallest is N scale which is about 1:60th the size of a real train. That size allows for more model railroading in a small space.

image3Now here we have an example of a G scale railroad set which is a Bachman freight set that features an old time steam locomotive and a couple of old time freight cars. Which G scale you have a very easy to use train because the set is large and don’t require extensive eyesight or hand eye coordination. It’s also quite rugged and withstands use from small children much better than some of the smaller scales. G scale is used in gardens most often and that’s one of the reasons it’s called G scale. It’s a subset of model railroad called garden railroading. Many people run their model train sets through their garden and combine two hobbies which makes for a very interesting and extensive outcome. For more information on other model railroad scales, continue watching these lovey and informative videos.