The importance of consuming foods with choline nutrient

The people who don’t consider the healthy diet and regular exercise routine have the more chances to suffer from the diabetes. It will not regulate the metabolism level and increases their body weight. Once a person attains too much of weight then he has to suffer from lot of conditions. The people with obesity and diabetes have to face lot of troubles in their life. It cannot be easily cured but they can control it at least. That’s why the experts are always recommending the people to give proper attention for their health to prevent such discomfort. Consuming more healthy foods can improve their health and that increases their immunity level too. The immune level is very important because if the immunity is high then it can easily prevent the bad health conditions.


An essential nutrient to improve health:

The vitamins, minerals and the proteins are the important compound to our body and those who consume the foods without these compounds have more chance to suffer from lot of diseases. Many of the people do not have aware about the Choline, which is an essential nutrient. It is important to prevent the fatty liver cells. The choline increase the transportation of lipids and it is an important dietary nutrient which can control the level of metabolism. It will help to avoid the excess storage of fat cells in the liver. It was defined as the essential nutrient in the year of 1988 by the Institute of Medicine. A recent study about the consumption of choline says that most of the Americans consume very less amount of choline. Especially, the adults and the adolescents are consuming only few mg of choline from their foods.


Consume adequate amount of Choline:

The internet users who aware about this nutrient often search about the intake amount of choline. So, here they can find its answer and some useful information about this nutrient.

  • According to the Institute of Medicine, the men should consume 550mg per day and the women should consume 425mg per day.
  • The pregnant women need to intake up to 550mg/day and the breastfeeding women also need to consume the same amount of choline.
  • The eggs, yolk, liver are the good sources of the choline. The poultry and the red meat are also having good amount of choline.
  • If a person eats 2 boiled eggs per day then it is enough to consume 550mg of choline. Otherwise they can consume 3ozs of chicken.
  • The broccoli, Brussels sprouts, milk and the orange juices are also the good sources of the choline. The users who don’t eat meat and eggs can find these foods as the alternate items to consume more choline.
  • Some brands of health supplements contain good amount of choline. However, the consumers should consult with their doctor before starting the dosage.


Getting sufficient amount of choline is essential to the health. By consuming all these foods a person can surely improve the level of choline in their body and that will help him to maintain health.